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Personal work: My personal work is inspired by the parallels between nature and the human condition; what we can learn and observe of ourselves in the seasons, natural environment and other living creatures. All my pieces and/or series have a narrative behind them that more often than not comes in the form of poetry. My fractured landscape series of floating collages draws on the Zen Buddhist philosophy of 'Kintsugi' which perceives broken objects as more precious because of their experience and so they mend them with gold. The collages address the fractures in lifes journey as we travel through the seasons of our individual lives, the inevitable cracks appear. It is about allowing space for life to unfold naturally and appreciating every pixilated moment and fractured shard of experience as they sit side by side with the space that holds them floating. That space is nature... life itself.


Commissions and Collaborations welcomed: As well as continuing to develop and produce my own work I am available for commissions of bespoke art and poetry. As well as interior and exterior mural painting, 'roomurals' and both temporary and permanent installations.



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